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With relatively small investments from donors, the movement to end mass incarceration has transformed countless lives. That money has defeated prosecutors who funneled tens of thousands of vulnerable people into prisons for decades. It’s closed prisons and reunited families. It’s elevated new leadership in this civil and human rights movement.

But we are not at the finish line yet. There is much more opportunity that we are leaving on the table: entire states where relatively little investment can turn seeds of reform into a winning movement, major victories that could be replicated nationwide, and core areas of investment that have been virtually ignored.

One for Justice ensures we meet the moment and provide deeper sustained investment.

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Billy Watterson
Alex duran
Program Director
Joshua Decker
Strategic Initiatives
Alexis martin
Program Officer
Caroline Dollman
Events & Programming Director
Blake rumuly
Research Associate
Mauricio Vivero
Partnerships Director

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