One for Justice

A coalition of philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and innovators, committed to reimagining the criminal justice system.

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Who we are.

One for Justice is a new coalition of philanthropists, foundations, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, committed to reimagining America’s justice system. This community brings together people with different expertise and interests. What connects them is their shared generosity, curiosity and vision. We are a community for those courageous enough to build a different world.

Shape the future.

Mass incarceration is one of the most urgent crisis facing America today. It has a profoundly nefarious effect on our social and economic structure, and tears at the very viability of our democracy. It also constrains other systems, from education to healthcare to housing, while bloating budgets and diminishing our economy. A better future requires a full reimagining.

The time is now.

America is at a crossroads, facing a future that feels wildly unpredictable. But that uncertainty is an opportunity. Political shifts, the pandemic, and the climate crisis have led millions of people to think critically about their values and shift their perspectives. One for Justice gives members the opportunity to seize this moment and shape a better future. The time is now.

A few of our members.

We are the community powering the criminal justice reform movement with our expertise, resources, and influence. Below are just a few of the change-makers, industry leaders, celebrities, and impact-focused donors in our community.

Sukey Novogratz
Mike Novogratz
Damien Dwin
Jason Flom
Caitlin Heising
Maggie Lear
Reid Hoffman
Liz Simons

Membership benefits.

We are building a philanthropic community because we believe coordination and connection are critical to successful giving.

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We create opportunities for members to connect, create, and build together. By building an intentional community, we give funders the chance to learn from each other, generate new ideas, and increase their impact.



We support members through advising and collaborative investment opportunities to give strategically ensuring that our collective dollars properly leverage this moment.



Members learn from the nation's leading experts, gain first-hand insight through proximity events, and take action on opportunities and obstacles. Our staff are experts, and here to answer any question you may have.

An advisory board of seasoned leaders.

One for Justice has an advisory board of some of the nation’s  most respected funders, experts, and advocates with unparalleled knowledge and extensive experience. By working together we build a clearer picture of the needs and opportunities of the moment.

Sonya Shah
The Ahimsa Collective
Micheal madnick
Mountain Philanthropies
James williams
Arnold Ventures
Zoë Towns
Robert rooks
Reform Alliance
Molly Johnson
Meadow Fund
Alex Duran
Galaxy Gives
Angie Junck
Heising Simons Foundation
Chloe Cockburn
Just Impact Advisors

Our investment pillars.

When there's an opportunity to truly have an outsized impact, we take action. But it’s not just about who, it’s about how. Our four investment pillars provide a strategic framework to build the necessary power to transform the criminal justice system.

PEOPLE power

We invest to build people power in communities directly impacted by systems of punishment to change the political incentives that drive incarceration.

Narrative Change

We invest in media and storytelling that humanizes people and communities directly impacted by the criminal justice system.


We invest in policy-driven organizations that engage with legislative bodies and advocate for policy reform to end mass incarceration.

scaling safety

We invest in the creation of viable, scalable alternatives to our current systems of crime and punishment, and support successful alternatives.

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